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#151924 - I filmed as Melissa worked her mouth over Lucas' cock and watched as her saliva made his shaft shiny. Darnell then slowly withdrew his cock and his semen flowed from her pussy like a river and I had captured it all on camera for her! Lucas sat there smiling and stroking his growing cock, I'm telling you this thing was a serious pussy destroyer, It was fucking huge and Melissa knew it was much bigger than Darnell;s cock! Melissa caught her breath for a little while and Lucas stroked his monster until it was fully hard again and now it was time for Melissa to try the big boy out! Lucas sat on the couch and Melissa straddled him with her ass towards me and she began to rub her pussy up and down his huge pole. Darnell had what he claimed to be a 10 inch cock and from the pictures he sent, it seemed to be every bit of that.

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