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#379689 - Anyway the day comes and it's basically all 4 of us going from room to room just listening to music, drinking beer and painting every wall boring white, the odd glance shared between me and Stacey but nothing more. My phone pinged, I checked the message and it said she was ready, I left the phone in the car as I didn't want any interruptions, this may only happen once so I wasn't going to let anything get in the way. Only one room was pitched black and the door was slightly ajar, I took a deep breathe and pushed the door slowly open, I could hear my heart in my chest pounding away.

Read Japan 【周三连载】纯情的崩坏(作者:Aru&色色思想) 第1~21话 1080p 【周三连载】纯情的崩坏(作者:Aru&色色思想) 第1~21话

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Kate takayama
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