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#47670 - This is my first time posting and I am subject to mistakes so please help me get better thank u FUCK me Alex faster, harder just like that '' ''Alex wake up it's your first day you don't want to be late do you'' Great just great thanks mum with your excellent timing am beginning to think you are a good damn terminator sent to ruin my dreams from the future which might never come true but at least let me have them ''Yes mum am coming how I wish I meant that in more than one way but I could have if wasn't for miss terminator I reluctantly got up and went to get ready for his first day as a sophomore at a new school awesome just awesome, whilst thinking this I did not notice my older sister sneak into the bathroom first but she made sure I noticed by announcing ''too slow just before she closed and locked the bathroom door. When I got home I had this big smile on my face that had my parents worried ''Kiddo i

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