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#195863 - I jacked off as I rode his cock, I came on his abs, and that feeling of a dick inside your ass while you cum, insane!! I remember my legs were shaking, well he wasn’t done with me yet, he layed me on my back, and kept pumping away for another good 10 minutes, he pulled out and put his dick in my face and grabbed my head, motioning for me to suck it, I did, the taste was weird, which made me think he didn’t wear a condom, or maybe he did and the taste I was tasting was the condom, anyway, he blew his gigantic load right down my throat, it made me gag, it was so huge, warm, and sticky, so salty, that’s just from the alcohol he was drinking. I remember, he smelled so good, but he fucked him, and god, his 8 inches plowing deep in my ass hurt like a son of a bitch.

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Red head is soooo hot
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