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#286675 - . An almost cruel chuckle escaped his lips, and with slight pressure on Alana shoulders, he pushed her to the floor and asked Vera, Have you ever seen her suck a big cock, well, now you're gonna get to!!! Alana was now almost in a sexual frenzy over Duke Lancer's erection, and without waiting to be told, she took him into her mouth and began sucking him like it was the last dick on the face of the earth!!! Vera looked on with glassy eyes as her prim and proper little girl sat on her knees chugging Duke's horse cock down her hungry throat!!! Duke smiled smugly over at Vera and ordered, lie down on the couch and finger your cunt, I wanna see you cumming in three minutes, so get moving bitch!!! Her head was spinning out of control, and the order to lie down was a good one, because in another minute or two she would have probably fallen over!!! Alana was paying absolutely no attention to her mother, but Duke was, and said, Your old lady has real hairy pussy, do you

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