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#250719 - This is my first time writing so hope you enjoy I just want to say this is a completely cross my heart and hope to die true story it happened between me and a friend in middle school were now friends still sophomores in college hope you enjoy ;) I was friends with John for a couple of years We went to elementary school together and were now in middle school together too I would go to johns house a lot because his dad was never home and his mom left him at a young age We would sit alone at his house for hours on end watching movies then one day while watching tv John changed it to some porn this wasn't my first time seeing stuff just my first time watching a video so I was in completely awe watching the perfect girl lean back and just swallow a huge cock after about thirty minutes of watching John gets up drops his pants then reveals this massive 8' cock and starts pumping it up and down then he tells me if I could get him the pump soap to use as lube so I get it brin

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Great hentai good work
Ryoko balta
Would love to have loved to lick that cum off and out of your pussy
Youhei sunohara
Wow i d pay for the full if it ever incorporated him peeing in those three amazingly women