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#303103 - So we play I lose the first hand but Toni wins it she tells me to take off my shoes ,Vera says that’s no fun are you sure you want to play we can stop she says if I win I am asking for more than shoes we all laugh . Now I start to play for real and I am winning almost all hands I have Toni sitting with just her panties Vera is in her bra and panties I still have my shirt, socks and underwear it comes to the moment of truth Vera loses again to Toni though she asks for her panties ,Vera now is uncomfortable she says it should be her bra first then she would be just like Toni but Toni insists said you knew the game do you want to stop then and Vera stands up and strips off her panties and thrown them at me says you can smell them if you want I am clean laughing at that point Toni just pulls her panties off and says smell mine too this is what you wanted to see us both naked now it’s your turn strip they both come over and undress me Vera goes for the shirt Toni goes on her knees and pulls

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