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#315643 - If it was, then she might be able to summon the entity into the mortal realm in order to help her achieve her goal of revenge, but if the entity was something else entirely, such as a restless spirit brought to Conor by her magic, then there was nothing she could do to stop the malevolent being from doing whatever it pleases to him. She was good friends with Carlota when they were younger, she reminisced those innocent childhood days, but fate wasn’t fair, Carlota was given all she had wanted, the house, the luxurious toys, the delicious food, the comfy bed, and now, a man who can fill her every desire, all the while she got a shack in the woods, had to scavenge for anything to eat, sleep on a poorly constructed wooden bed and waking up every so hours to douse the fire she lit before sleeping so as to not let her house catch on fire. “Oh my god, bestie, aren’t we lucky or what?” she asked, nudging her friend in the elbow.

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