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#337928 - Making her mind just go into never never land once more as she'd drifted off and on into since the start of the wasp part of the ritual. It was a wooden boar hog cock dildo, oh she could never let another woman fucckkk her lllike thiss oh no oh she'd never forgive herself, as whatever leaf it was stuffed in her mouth had made her chew it as it's juices seemed to make her float in a whole new world as she knew once again they had drugged her ass with these damn jungle weeds and potions as she saw the huge long appendage being placed and securely attached to the village woman's mound area it looked horrid, it looked wicked, it looked damn evil, as the village woman strode up to her now and said: Yes that's right my little white slut you gonna' get a dose of my dick today! And you have been given to me to pleasure!! Ellen could only watch in utter horror as she saw that damn wooden cock up close oh hell it was twisted around and around itself all damn nat

Read Imvu 正妹小主管 1-56 官方中文(連載中) Hard Fuck 正妹小主管 1-56 官方中文(連載中)

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