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#346178 - oooooooo yea just like that” she moaned “now I want you to suck on them lightly and flick you tongue across it……ahhhh yesssss just like that” she said in almost a whisper during all this she had been rubbing my cock getting it hard again but she didn’t have a hard time “ok that’s good” she said “now lay on the bed” so I did as I was told I laid down on my back and she got on the bed and she asked me “do you know what 69ing is?” I thought about it for a second and remembered that I had seen a porn picture on my friends phone and he explained to me what they were doing because I didn’t look at porn all that much he said they were 69ing so I answered “yea I think” she looked at me and said “ok good” so she got on me and it looked a little different than in the picture most likely because I was doing it not looking at it so she started to suck my cock and I started licking her pussy and she stopped and said “do you know what a clit is?” I reply “no should I?” oh yes It is one of the key th

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Superb scene by two beautiful ladies
Azusa enomoto
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