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#66339 - Sitting down on the bed next to her chained down nude sister, Were you taken here like I was? Sara asked Yes, but shortly after I got here the manager Jerry gave me a job, I help spit and slaughter meat-girl's Jessica replied So this is what happened to you, mom and dad got so worried when you disappeared, they are still looking for you Sara said while they both started to cry, So little sister, what will happen to me? Sara asked, looking into Jessica's eye's I put false information about you in the computer if ant one asks your name is Sophie for now you will stay here with me as a sex slave until I can find a way to get you out of here Jessica replied. The machine once again comes to life and the girls start to move, looking to the scared girls Bye girls Jessica said as she waves and blows them a kiss, the first girl to be slaughtered is a brunette Don't be so damn smug bitch one day you will be up here, SO GO FUCK YOURSELF!! she yelled as she wa

Read Milf Porn [Miki Kazu] Sinmitsu ~Enbotachi no Hiai Soukan~ Chapter 1-3 [English] Hetero SinmitsuChapter 1-3

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