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#371737 - When she finally bottomed out, she had the first of several uncontrollable orgasms. He looked over to Billie with a pleading look in his eyes, as if to ask if he could now please cum, and after she nodded slightly, only seconds later Barbara's mouth was being flooded with the cum of this eighteen year old wunderkind as her own orgasm ripped through her vagina as the first spurt of cum slammed into the back of her throat! Billie surveyed the wreckage so to speak, and asked, Are their anymore questions ladies!?! When no one answered her, she laughed and gave Bobby a kiss on the cheek and said, Next week, Bobby, we have another bridge party! Bobby and said, Yes, ma'am, another bridge party! THE END. Like how, asked and incredulous Barbara?!? Like this, replied Billie, okay Bobby, please remove your pants and shorts.

Read Woman Ore ga Kouchou-Sensei ni!? - Original Gay Pornstar Ore ga Kouchou-Sensei ni!?

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