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#229973 - Hurry up and tell me! It's just this, Marge replied breathlessly while unbuttoning her boss's white silk blouse. Marge walked over around the back of desk and began rubbing Julia's shoulders while whispering softly, I think you need a break, your so tense! Julia closed her eyes for a moment and sighed, I don't know how that fool Roberts ever became and attorney, if I ever have the urge to get involved with him again just shoot me! Let's not think about him, Marge said soothingly, in fact, isn't about time you went potty? Ohhhhh, you're right, Julia replied while getting to her feet. As was usually the case, Julia caressed the young woman's head in her arms while guiding her mouth directly to her bulging cunt! Okay, baby, be a good secretary and suck Julia off! Of all the fringe benefits this job offered, Sucking Julia Foxx's pussy was number one! Marge could never get enough of the over developed organ, and after taking

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