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#86537 - Another twenty minutes and it'll be ready, she said to herself, while giving the sweet potatoes a quick stir. The relentless mouth attached to her breasts was making her vagina leak like a sieve, and she unconsciously crossed and uncrossed her legs while trying to put pressure on her throbbing clitoris! While he sucked, Apolonia reached down and held Hank's erection in her small hand, caressing and rubbing it like it was a piece of smooth ebony! Both of their crotches, her vagina, and his penis, were now in desperate need to cohabitate, and when Apie whispered in her husband's ear that she needed him right now, he lay back on the bed with his cock sticking straight u?p, offering his wife the ride of her life!!! Of all the ways he fucked her, this was her favorite because it afforded her the most control, and allowed her to tease him a bit until she let him ejaculate! Straddling his waist, she slowly lowered her vagina slowly onto the head of the thick monster that

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