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#234572 - Dawn laying on her side, face towards the back curled into a fetal position muttering Why me? over and over. Dawn use more of your tongue, make it more pleasurable for me! She wants to rebel, but fears being hurt by Thomas so she moves her tongue more and within a few licks he's saying That's it Dawn, just like your pussy, your mouth just loves to suck cock. I Don't think we need to tie her down Thomas, she to sweaty to go anywhere! I trust your judgement Mike! Then You guys should come over and see the footage we just got Then to Dawn Man the camera really loves your body Dawn!, Can't wait to see the footage we get when we sodomize you! Even after hearing what awaits her, she knew she didn't have the strength to try to run! The three of us let Dawn recover from her initial debasement before moving onto the serious indiscretion of anal.

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Yuuichirou hyakuya
Me too sooooo fast
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So sweet