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#81027 - When his was masturbating me through my French knickers he kept looking into my eyes, I expect he wanted to see my facial expressions as my cock responded to his rapid handling of my cock, my body began to manoeuvre up and down as David masturbated me nearing a climax, as I shouted I coming David quickly removed my knickers continued to masturbate me until I was about to shot my spunk load, David’s eyes were now crazed, as David drained every drop of sperm from my testicles through the masturbation of cock, my stomach was covered with droplets of my thick white sperm, I felt exhausted but sexually satisfied, but David’s cock was not in a rigid state, David said he and one of his unmarried mates would masturbate each other usually in their local pubs toilet, knowing the pub and its toilet they managed to find a way of being discrete, Kieran was David mates name, both he and David were drinking buddies, Kieran was always in men’s company but just wanted some kind of sexual activity occas

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