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#336928 - “Are you deaf or are you stupid” she yells at me interrupting all mi inner thoughts “You know what fine here I’ll just go over to our aunts house” I get up and leave the controller on the couch “Really” she looks at me surprised as this is the first time I let her win without a fight “Thank you!” She smiles at me as she jumps on the couch and opens the Netflix app and I just think to myself wow you could have watched that whenever you wanted I walk into the kitchen where mom is preparing dinner and I get and amazing look at my mom bending over picking up a spoon from the floor, for having three kids my mom was in amazing shape from all her yoga she had on some white see though leggings I could easily make out the outline of her pussy mom had such an amazing ass she has a pear shaped ass with a great amount of giggle when she walks, I can see my mom is beginning to stand up straight she walks over to the sink and places the spoon with the dirty dishes she turns back around and see

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