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#78979 - The girls shook their head and pushed me down and I went to get up, Lucy said Can we taste it? I said I guess they both put a finger in it and tasted it, they looked pleased, Beth said It's warm They both started to take more and more tastes before Lucy started to lap it up off my chest, after a while it was all gone, They asked for some more and I said yes. The girls then asked what I wanted to do, I'd never seen a pair of tits in the flesh outside of porn so I asked them if they would take off their tops and bras, the girls looked at each other and smiled, they both took off their bras, and their tits fell out. We all sat in my room naked and watched the sunrise, we talked and I told the girls this was the best night of my life, they agreed, the girls slept in a double bed at their house so I knew get would be fucking every day after this.

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