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#31796 - The presidents daughter and the secretary of state daughter are standing with USSS all around them, I notice the entire team straighten up, after we got right in front of them, I smiled at the girls, I noticed a glint in one of the agents glasses , so I turned and saw a barrel from a sniper rifle. The last soldier through spoke to the other two in Russian, I could only surmise that he was telling them to stand guard outside the door. I yelled into my mic, “everyone watch out for RPGs and keep up the fire,” I heard 8 “yes sirs” I pulled a pin on a grenade I had and lobbed it into the window the RPG came from, I smiled when I saw 3 bodies fly through the windows.

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Kouichi minamoto
Same ring on the left hand it s same man
Selphie tilmitt
Madurita le encanta mamar