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#8446 - It's a solo mission, she's to break into the factory and see if the rumors are true, do not attempt a rescue, do not engage the enemy, report back to HQ and tell us what you saw, the address of the factory is at the end of the E Mail. One of the Orcs is holding the baby and he says Look at your Son and future rapist, isn't he beautiful?, do you want to hold him? , Ayames arms are tied in front of her body and she stretches out her arms but the Orc pulls the baby away. Leaning against the south wall about an hour later the Orcs are ready for round two and they brutally gangrape Ayame again but this time one of the Orcs cums deep in her mouth forcing her to swallow all of his sperm, she's gagging as she swallows.

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Guan yinping
Nice to see a babe who is no holes barred and appreciates a load
I need to find a girlfriend and soon ahahaha