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#272643 - 5 inches, she licked her lips in anticipation, although slightly disappointed, “Well, he is beautiful and has a heart stopping body, shame he’s not hung like an Adonis” she thought as she looked him up and down. A few hours past and Janine was shook awake by a little bit of turbulence, it was 4. Finding her body on auto pilot she step closer to him and grabbed hold of his cock through his trousers, “Prove it” she purred as his after-shave filled her nostrils With that he placed a kiss on her lips, she had never been kissed so passionately in her life, her entire body tingled as his hands gently caressed her back and waist, her own hands unbuttoning his shirt from top to bottom, pulling it open and feeling her hands run down his body.

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Kazari uiharu
I want to be her so men can fuck me like that