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#29928 - You are mine Jane!” he whispers in my ear as he traps me against the side, his left hand coming up to my chin not unlike how Ben touched me earlier but his grip is a lot tighter almost painful as he holds my head to the side and begins to kiss his way down my neck “I hear you had some fun at school, I want you to tell me all about it as I fuck you” he says spreading my legs and pushing his fingers into my uncovered private place My mind beginning to become fuzzy I tell him what Mr Jones made me do at lunch, having to stop and restart every time he growls at me for details, finally getting to the part with him licking my private place Jim lifts me onto the kitchen counter and pulls my head back by my hair “Tell me again Jane, what you said to him?” he growls licking his way up my neck and using his right hand to unbutton his jeans “I…I told him to lick my pussy” I mumble back gasping at the end as he pushes his cock ball deep into me “See what you do to me? The thought o

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