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#191782 - I had clean forgotten about Leroy but there he stood, his cock rock hard as he wanked himself with two hands, god he looked superb especially that cock…. When it came to going out dressed anything like that I wasn’t sure, but I was eventually talked into it. I pushed back into it while I was still cumming, the crown slipped further in prolonging my fantastic orgasm, my cunt was being stretched like never before, Bird was even bigger behind the head and my pussy had to resize to accommodate him, I was pushing down on him and three more inches entered me so tight my cunt was rubbing against his cock sending waves of pleasure up to my brain, I pushed down more the pleasure increased over half his cock had entered me, I squatted up and down over half his cock and more entered my cunt bringing on yet another orgasm, then my spasm pulled in more.

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Chronicle asher
You are so nice and exciting
I fucking love chubby girls fuck they are sexy i d fuck this girl every day and twice on sunday
Hajime hinata
Damn thats so hot your ass is perfect
I love the way his cock twitched as he filled her ass up and then she just pushed it even deeper