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#323172 - gijanemaccoy: i'll grab your hair and pull you to me and push our lips together BB: hmm ok BB: sounds good gijanemaccoy: i'll wrap my other arm around your waist and pull you against my body feeling you on fire BB: hmmmm gijanemaccoy: both our bodies feeling like electricity is flowing through them BB: hmmmm BB: come gijanemaccoy: my fingers play along the waist of your pants gijanemaccoy: and my other hand slips down your neck to the front of your throat BB: hmmm BB: hot gijanemaccoy: my hands feel under your shirt caressing your skin BB: baby gijanemaccoy: i reach around to the small of your back and pull you closer BB: now whos teasing gijanemaccoy: your hands move underneath my shirt and you drag your nails down my spine BB: my fav spot and place BB: way gijanemaccoy: hmmm. BB: hmmm o baby gijanemaccoy: your head tilts back and you start to pinch your nipple as i bring you closer to orgasm BB: hmmm gijanemaccoy: you bady starts to shake as i suck y

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Marie antoinette
Nicely done really enjoyed that
Rinko ogasawara
I need a best friend like this