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#253857 - harder then Casey has ever been fucked in her life Casey: OOOOOOOHHHHH YES IT FEELS SO GOOD! YES YES POUND MY PUSSY JAY Jay: hold on i got an idea Casey: oh yeah whats that Jay pulls out of Casey lays down behind the two extremely gorgeous girls and lays on his back Casey: oh i got an idea Casey flips her hair back and crawls to Jay she then climbs on top of Jay and accidently inserts his cock into her asshole instead of her pussy Casey: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH SHIT! that feels so good but not right now. Jay Casey and Kelly all walk in to Jay's appartment drunk after the party Jay: man that was some party Casey: hell yeah your telling me Jay: alright hey i need a shower Kelly: have fun Jay goes and takes a shower for about 10 minutes after his shower he exits the bathroom into his room and hears a knock on the door Jay is dressed in shorts and an army T-shirt Kelly: Jay its Kelly Jay: come in Kelly enters the room and sits on th

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