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#376564 - Your cheeks are spread again, “gentlemen come closer” says a female voice, you hear whispers, then something else pushing at your bottom, this time it’s bigger 6” long tapered to about 1” diameter at its widest, then quickly reducing in size to less than ½ diameter, with a “T” bar on the end to stop it from being drawn inside you, your anal muscle expands as its pushed further in until suddenly the wide part slips inside you feel your bottom contract and close around the narrow neck, locking around the plug, your bottom beings to warm up, then you realise it’s liquid. It’s your choice, but we would much prefer the latter, what’s your answer Mrs Smith?” The constant use of your surname keeps the proceedings in a very formal, matter of fact and detached atmosphere, this you find most unnerving. The small balloon on the end is inflated, locking the catheter inside your bladder, she now attaches a large syringe full of a creamy white liquid to the other end of the tube, and slowly force

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