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#369785 - “Well” responded Jim “I think you may be ready for a weekend at Sally and Peter’s after all, if you like I will talk to Peter tomorrow. The rabbit was still hanging out of Jan’s pussy buzzing away while the electrician administered six of the best to her stinging bottom, he then roughly pulled the anal invader out whilst admiring her crimson arse cheeks he then positioned himself behind her, pulled the rabbit out of her pussy and inserted his cock fully with one push, Jan did not move and before she knew it he had pulled out and reinserted the rabbit, ‘Oh no what’s he up to she thought to herself” before she felt the tip of his cock probing at her arse hole and before she could beg for mercy the electrician had pushed in to her virgin backdoor, he rested there and stroked the vibrator in her pussy for a while before pulling his cock halfway out and then pushing all the way back in. ” Yeah it was and I nearly gave up the act right there and then, but I wanted to see if you would tell m

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Smack slap your ass more
Haruna kamijo
She is perfect she stayed there and took it without being too noisy or fidgety you can tell she was genuinely enjoying it too i plan on doing this with my girl tomorrow and the little movements you did with your thumb on the buttplug really gave me some ideas great hentai
That looked part man part woman