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#342686 - I knew l wasn’t going to last long as when lm fucking her mother and held Steph onto my cock and shot a very full load of spunk into her but it was stopped from flooding her inside by the condom covering my cock, when the last of my spunk filled the condom l knew l had to flood Steph’s inside the next time l fucked her. I finished my drink and turned in, l don’t know what time it was but Steph was calling me saying she felt ill so l went to see what the problem was, she did look green in the face, Steph crawled from the bed compartment, l got the bucket for her to be sick into, Beth poked her head out looked at her sister and remarked ‘l told her not to guts her food’, then Beth went back to bed, not knowing it was the vodka and coke Steph had drunk. We left early Saturday morning, Steph slept most of the way while Beth and the sat-nav helped navigate to Somerset, she kept me awake by updating me on who was who in the music world even though l wasn’t interested.

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Chikaru minamoto
You are a queen
Sui kamishiro
The 3rd one the stockings are so so sexy